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       By high and low temp.tensile strength testers, high aging testers, high and low temp. durability testers, interior material burning testers, ozone testers, viscosity testers, abrasion testers etc. testing equipments, we can offer pre-production design demonstration foundations to assure developing quality and cycles.

       According to RFQ and relevant metal panels, we can design weather strip sections and joint corners with abilities of FEA and by FNA software ABAQUS, to undertake structure analysis of door seals, door-frame seals, trunk seals, glass runs etc. and leak-tightness analysis, closing force, friction etc. analysis.


Flocking Products





Assembly and Composition




Flocking surface: The appearance looks heavier, more comfortable to touch, improving products quality.

Co-extrusion: Improving products abrasion 1-2 times compared with traditional spraying process.

Flocking Glass Run:  Achieving products sealing performance 5% improvement.



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