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Upholding green philosophy of designing, continuous research on materials and accumulated plenty of formula design experience, according to customers’ requirements, we’ve offered properly matching formula and established updated formula system with high cost performance.

Advanced rheometers, mooney viscosity meters, tensile strength testers, densimeters, sclerometers, carbon dispersion meter, hot aging testers, physical and chemical testers etc., are guaranteeing CMB and FMB features to assure the products’quality.




       According to RFQ, we could undertake engine mount system, chassis damping system and exhausting system design,  offer perfect system solutions to customers with advanced engine system inertia test, mounts distribution, rubber stiffness calculation, metal bracket modulus and FEA analysis, structure optimization and NVH matching etc abilities.
       Long-term cooperation with OEMs, we’ve already established inertia test system, elastomer stiffness test system, CMM, multi-channel durability test etc., advanced test validation equipments, meanwhile, with the ability of NVH test and assessment ability of OEM to offer guarantee of products R&D designing and products’ optimization.



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